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Rolex Yacht-Master For Sale

Appropriately dubbed “the watch of the open seas”, the Yacht-Master collection was specifically created with the needs of nautical enthusiasts in mind and is said to embody the spirit of the sailor. One of the newer additions to the Rolex watch family, the launch of the Yacht-Master in 1992 was inspired by Rolex’s long-standing and privileged ties with the world of sailing. Almost two decades later, the Yacht-Master II was created with its performance tailored more to the needs of competitive yachting. The first model of the Yacht-Master that was introduced was the ref. 16628. Made almost entirely with 18k yellow-gold, this model clearly embodied Rolex’s image for the Yacht-Master to be a sports watch with plenty of style and elegance.

Reference numbers for the Yacht-Master include: 169628, 169623, 169622, 168628, 168623, 168622, 166233, 69628, 69623, 68628, 68623, 18622, 16628, 16623, 16622, 126622 , 116655, 116621, 116622, 116623,  268621, 116680, 116681, 116689, 116688 , 268655, 268622, 126655, 226659

The Rolex Yacht Master is well loved among celebrities and sports superstars. Famous Yacht-Master fans include professional athletes Roger Federer, Manny Pacquiao, and LeBron James, actors Mark Wahlberg and Brad Pitt, music sensations Drake and Chris Brown, television host Ellen DeGeneres, and internationally recognized chef Emeril Lagasse.

The Yacht-Master II was the new, improved, and upgraded version of the original Yacht-Master – which was essentially reintroduced with the launch of its exciting new predecessor in 2007. As aforementioned, the Yacht-Master II was designed with more of a focus on the needs of competitive yachting. It features Rolex’s patented ‘Ring Command’ system with a 90-degree rotatable ceramic bezel, a function that enables the setting of a regatta countdown period of up to 10 minutes – a big deal in the yachting world. The Yacht-Master II is noted for its large size of a 44mm case across all models, and comes with an Oyster case and Oyster bracelet with an Oysterlock folding clasp. Equipped with the Triplock Winding Crown system, it is guaranteed to be waterproof for up 100 meters in depth. The older models of the Yacht-Master II feature the Caliber 4160 movement, while later models feature the upgraded Caliber 4161. 

FAQs about the Yacht-Master

Q: How much is a Rolex Yacht-Master?

A: The most recently released Yacht-Master, the ref. 226659 – released in 2019, is priced at $28,900 retail. The rest of the Yacht-Master models available on the Rolex website are retailed between $11,250 for the ref. 268622 and the $48,150 for the ref. 116689. If you’re looking to buy a Rolex Yacht-Master, you’ll find better prices in the pre-owned Rolex Yacht-Master market. Available models of the Rolex Yacht-Master for sale in the secondary market are generally below their retail prices. For example, the Yacht-Master 40 ref. 126621 costs between $14,500 – $16,000 brand new, and $13,500 pre-owned. Similarly, the ref. 126655 is priced around $28,500 brand new in mint condition, while the same model of a used Rolex Yacht-Master resells for roughly $26,000. These price comparisons show that the Yacht-Master collection generally hold their value very well.

Q: How to set time on a Rolex Yacht-Master II

A: Setting the time on a Yacht-Master II is similar to setting time on other Rolex watches, despite its advanced timer functionality. To adjust the time, you first need to unscrew the crown from the case. Then pull out the winding crown and rotate it to move the hands forwards or backwards to set the time accordingly, all while the Ring Command Bezel is in its natural position. 

Q: How to spot a fake Rolex Yacht-Master

A: As with other Rolex models, the Yacht-Master watch has the word “R O L E X” engraved on both sides of the rehaut, the inside rim of the bezel. Each letter should align perfectly with an hour marker. If the letters are even slightly off in placement, that is usually an indication of it not being a real Rolex watch. You can also check for the watch’s serial number, which should be engraved at the 6 o’clock position on the outside of the case (where the bracelet/band meets the watch case), to make sure it matches correctly. Counterfeiters often don’t bother changing the numbers, and instead just print the same digits on multiple replicas – meaning if it doesn’t match the correct serial number of that watch, it is most likely a fake. Aside from making sure it’s the correct serial number, make sure that it is in fact engraved into the case and not simply etched, as many counterfeit Rolexes have these details etched and not engraved. Another tell-tale sign of counterfeit watches is in the size and style of a watch’s hands. For example, the Yacht-Master has a much thicker minute hand than most other models like the Daytona, and Day-Date. If the hands on a watch in question seem slightly different when comparing to a genuine Rolex watch of the same model, it is likely a replica – as counterfeiters often use whatever parts are available in order to save money with the hope that most buyers will overlook these small but significant discrepancies.

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