Return Policy ​
With the confidence of a positive experience as one of our main commitments to our clients, Tiger River Watches ensures full transparency in our return policy for both purchasing and selling your watch.

Purchased Watches

Pre-owned Watches

We understand purchasing a luxury watch is a high-end commodity, and that sometimes seeing a watch online versus on your wrist can be what ultimately changes your mind. If you are not 100% satisfied with a pre-owned watch that you purchased from us online, Tiger River Watches will honor our 72-hour no-questions-asked full refund policy for your watch, with the following conditions met:

• The watch must be returned in the exact condition it was sold. It cannot have been worn, altered, or damaged in any way. All original tags must still be attached.
• The watch must be returned including all boxes, papers, books, and all included accessories – also in their original condition.
• The return must be postmarked before the 72-hours, by the 3rd calendar day from your receipt of the watch. You will be responsible for covering all costs for the return. Although not required, we recommend you fully insure all items being returned, as we are not responsible for any damages that occur while in transit, until the watch is back in our possession.

Unworn Watches

Unworn watches are watches that have been recently purchased brand new and have not been worn. This means that all protective stickers and seals are still intact/attached, and the watch’s original warranty and paperwork are still included. For returns of unworn watches, no refunds will be offered and only in-store credit can be issued for returned unworn watches provided the quality and condition of the watch has been maintained since its purchased.

In-store Purchases

Because in-store purchases allow for the opportunity for you to see the watch in-person and discuss any questions you may have directly with one of our representatives, no refunds for in-store purchases will be allowed. If you are not 100% satisfied with your watch, we will honor an exchange or in-store credit for the same amount as the watch you are returning.

Upon our receipt, the watch and all returned items will undergo a thorough inspection by our watch experts to ensure their original condition. The attached sales tag cannot be removed and must be visibly in-tact to ensure that the watch has not been worn or altered in any way.

Selling your watch

For clients selling their watch to Tiger River Watches, if we are unable to come to a mutually agreed upon purchase price for your watch, we will ship you back your watch with all shipping costs covered – including full insurance for all returned items.

Please keep in mind this does not include situations in which Tiger River Watches and customer have an agreed upon purchase offer amount and the customer requests a higher purchase offer amount after sending in their watch. In such cases “In such cases, the customer is responsible for all shipping cost, including insurance. Although not required, we recommend insuring your watch with shipping, as Tiger River Watches will not be responsible for any damages to the watch that occur while in transit.

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