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First launched in 2012, the Rolex Sky-Dweller is one the newer watches. Characterized as the ultimate luxury watch for world travelers, the Sky-Dweller has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. Despite being one of Rolex’s newer additions, the Sky-Dweller has shot up quickly in popularity within the watch community – becoming one of Rolex’s hottest models. Its official launching at the watch and jewelry show, Baselworld 2012, was a big deal in the watch world as it had been a while since Rolex had released a new model. Its innovative design and highly technical functions came as a surprise to many.

Rolex Sky-Dweller reference numbers include: 326938, 326939, 326135, 326138, 326139, 326935, 326933, 326934, 326238, 326235

The newest generation of the Sky-Dweller were released in September 2020. The new releases came with a flashy new look – paired with the new sporty Oysterflex bracelet, with new materials and dial colors to choose from. These new additions come in either 18k yellow gold with a bright black sunray-finish dial, or in Everose gold with either a chocolate or white dial. Most notably, the new Sky-Dweller now comes with a fitted Oysterflex bracelet – making it the first of Rolex’s Classic timepieces to be made with this innovative new feature.

With their new sporty look, the 2020 Sky-Dweller models are highly coveted amongst watch collectors and enthusiasts. Even before their recent makeover, the Sky-Dweller was a popular Rolex of choice for several big-name athletes including NBA players LeBron James and Andre Iguodala, both current and former NFL stars like Julio Jones and Demarcus Ware, UFC fighter Conor McGregor, pro golfer Brooks Koepka, and soccer sensation Cristiano Ronaldo. Other well-known celebrities who have been spotted wearing the Sky Dweller include actors Will Smith, Nicholas Cage, and rapper Jay-Z.

The Sky-Dweller currently holds the title as Rolex’s “most complicated watch”. Compared to many other Rolex watches, it is larger in size, more innovative in design, and more luxurious in overall appeal. Although classified as a tool watch, the Sky-Dweller is often recognized as more of a luxury watch despite its unparalleled functionality. Complete with dual time-zone telling capabilities, it also features Rolex’s first-ever annual calendar – indicating the month of the year around the edge of the dial in 12 apertures, one at each hour marker. The Sky-Dweller is also powered by one of Rolex’s most complex in-house movements, Calibre 9001 – equipping it with an impressive 72-hour power reserve. Even as the brand’s most complicated collection, the attention to detail Rolex put into the Sky-Dweller’s design is very tastefully done, accomplishing complex and intricate without being too busy or overwhelming in appearance.

Like with any Rolex watch, determining the price value for a Sky-Dweller depends on several different factors, such as the age of the watch, its condition, the materials it’s made of, the dial of the color, etc. Since there are only 2 generations of the Sky-Dweller, as its history only extends less than a decade currently, it is easier to list out the retail prices of every model of the Sky-Dweller:

  • 326938 – $48,000
  • 326939 – $48,850
  • 326135 – $39,550
  • 326138 – $38,850
  • 326139 – $39,550
  • 326935 – $50,900
  • 326933 Oyster – $19,250
  • 326933 Jubilee – $19,900
  • 326934 Oyster – $15,650
  • 326934 Jubilee – $15,900
  • 326238 – $41,050
  • 326235 – $42,700

Keep in mind the retail pricing for the Sky-Dweller is very much a base price as its exclusivity drives its prices up in the secondary market. For example, the 326934 is currently priced below $16,000 at retail, yet is going for upwards of $26K-$27K on the secondary market.

Like several other Rolex watches, the Sky-Dweller has coveted models that are expected to have a waitlist time of at least 1 year – such as the Sky-Dweller 326934. As the most complicated and one of the most expensive watches in the Rolex collection, the Sky-Dweller is also one of the most exclusive and hardest Rolexes to get your hands on. Perhaps one of the most popular variations of the Sky-Dweller is the white Rolesor with the blue dial, as well as one of the hardest to find. As the Sky-Dwellers are so exclusive and unlikely to be available with your local AD, your best bet on finding one is in the secondary market, where prices will be much higher – especially for all gold models, for which the retail prices can more than double.

With such a complex design and innovative functionality, the Sky-Dweller is definitely a statement piece and is dubbed the “most complicated watch” from Rolex’s collection. It is also one of the most expensive watches from the brand and is only available in precious metals. As such, the Sky-Dweller is also one of the hardest Rolex timepieces to get your hands on. Despite being one of Rolex’s newer additions, the Sky-Dweller shot up quickly in popularity within the watch community since it was first introduced in 2012 and has since become one of Rolex’s hottest models. For all these reasons combined, the Sky-Dweller is considered a worthwhile investment that will likely make back a decent return.

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