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Watch Madness Rules and Agreements

Tiger River Watches will be hosting a marketing campaign from March 14th to April 4th, titled Watch Madness. From the list of watches, a user will be able to select a competing watch. Should the watch that the individual selected win the championship, the user will be eligible for a $500 Off Coupon.
All watches that are available for sale will be applicable for the $500 Off. The $500 Off is strictly for a watch(es) and/or a watch roll, this excludes any accessories such as a straps.

In order to be eligible for the $500 off, the individual must enter before the deadline: March 14th 11:59 PST. If a user signs up any time after the mentioned day and time, they will be eligible for the initial $150 off your first watch.

Multiple coupons cannot be combined in a single transaction. Only 1 coupon can be used per transaction. Once a user selects which watch they predict will win, that entry is locked in and cannot be changed or altered. Only one entry per user. The user’s email must be original and cannot contain any copies to increase the likelihood of winning.  Only one winner per user/individual. The coupon can only be applied once per individual or user. The $500 Coupon must be used within 90 days of winning. Any cost of the coupon remaining after usage will have no value.  The discount is no redeemable for a cash prize. The discount can only be used once.

By entering into this contest the user is consenting to marketing and promotional materials.

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