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– The Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner Date 126610LV

The Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner Date 126610LV

Of the exciting new 2020 additions to the Rolex watch collection, perhaps the model that made the biggest splash was the new and improved lineup of Submariners. A true Rolex classic, the Submariner has been dubbed as “the reference among divers’ watches” – truly speaking to its highly revered reputation within both the watch community and the diving community. Of the new lineup, including both date and no-date models, one of the hottest newcomers is the black and green Rolex Submariner 126610LV – appropriately nicknamed the “Starbucks” for its color combination of a ceramic green bezel setting off a black dial, said to resemble the iconic green Starbucks logo. Succeeding the Submariner “Hulk” 116610LV, the new Starbucks has several subtle yet significant design and functionality upgrades which will be highlighted in more detail below.

Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV The newly released 2020 Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner Date Ref. 126610LV

126610LV Nicknames and Namesakes

Among other nicknames circulating for the new 2020 Rolex Starbucks 126610LV model is the “Cermit” – which pays homage to the discontinued “Kermit” Submariner 16610LV, another green Submariner classic that inspired the Starbucks’ upgraded design including a new ceramic bezel – hence the play on words from “Kermit” to “Cermit”. While the Starbucks follows more directly behind the Hulk in the collection’s lineage, the Starbucks’ design leans more closely towards the Kermit’s design than the Hulk’s in comparison. Either way, it seems to be the general consensus that “Starbucks” is a much better (and catchier) nickname for the new 126610LV than its original “Cermit” namesake.

Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 126610LV The green bezel and black dial closely represents the Starbucks logo, therefore earning the nickname “Starbucks”

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New and Improved Design of the 2020 Submariners

In a previous article, we highlighted the diminutive and seemingly insignificant (but actually quite significant) design changes between the Rolex Submariner Date 116610LN and 126610LN,  its 2020 upgraded successor. The design upgrades of the Submariner Date 126610LV are essentially the same, including a 1mm increase in case size and more slender lugs that complement its overall sleek and more elegant aesthetic compared to the 116610LV. Not only are the lugs thinner and more tapered, but they are also slightly concaved, which adds to some nice light reflection of the watch. Where the Hulk has a sunburst-green dial, the Starbucks has a matte black dial – leaning more towards the Kermit’s classic design and color scheme. Another design upgrade can be seen in the Starbucks’ (and all 2020 Submariners’) new Oyster bracelet – with end pieces measuring 1mm bigger and a noticeably wider clasp than the Hulk’s.

Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV and Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV (Left) Rolex “Starbucks” Submariner Date 126610LV (Right) Rolex “Hulk” Submariner Date 116610LV

Functional Innovation of the Rolex Submariner

With the new Submariner lineup has come impressive new movements – the Calibre 3230 and Calibre 3235 for the no-date and date versions, respectively. Both movements enable a longer power reserve and higher efficiency largely due to the new Rolex-patented Chronergy escapement, which allows more effective delivery of energy compared to the traditional Swiss lever escapement. In fact, the Chronergy escapement is responsible for almost half of the total increased power reserve of these new movements. The new Starbucks is equipped with an impressive 70-hour power, nearly a full day more than the 48-hour power reserve of the older Submariners. The Starbucks Subs are also made with Rolex’s in-house Parachrom Bleu hairspring which, in essence, keeps the watch more reliable, stable, and accurate than traditional hairsprings in the case of shocks – up to 10 times more accurate, to be exact. For those looking to make the upgrade and want to sell your watch, Tiger River Watches offers same day purchase valuation offers for your watch and can ship the new Rolex Submariner 126610LV to you within 48 hours of your purchase.

Green bezel and black dial Submariner Date 126610lv The green Cerachrom bezel and black dial on the 126610LV

Rolex Starbucks vs Kermit vs Hulk

In many ways, the Starbucks Submariner was a refined upgrade to its fellow green counterparts and predecessors, while still taking bits and pieces of inspiration from both models. The Kermit 16610LV was released in 2003 in celebration of the Submariner collection’s 50th anniversary. It was the first of the line to have a bright green bezel, as all Submariners had previously only had black bezels on black dials. Naturally, this quickly landed it the nickname “Kermit” from watch fans. In 2010, the same year the Kermit was discontinued, the Hulk 116610LV was introduced. The Hulk had not only a new deeper shade of green for its bezel, but also a green dial to match. What’s more, it marked the introduction of the new “maxi case”, giving the Hulk a much bulkier and more massive appeal than the Kermit – hence its appropriate dubbing as the “Hulk”. The Hulk’s bezel was not only much greener, it was also made of the Rolex-patented Cerachrom ceramic, as opposed to the aluminum bezel on the Kermit.

More svelte and elegant in aesthetic design than the Hulk, while further improving certain technological upgrades that the Hulk had over the Kermit, the Starbucks seems to be the perfect combination and best of both worlds. With significant upgrades in comparison to both the Kermit and the Hulk, along with all the bells and whistles and hype built up around the new Rolex Submariner lineup, the Starbucks has been making quite a name for itself since its 2020 release.

Rolex Submariner Date 126610LV and Rolex Submariner Date 116610LV The new and improved 2020 Rolex Submariner Date Ref. 126610LV

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