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– Rolex Watches for Women – Which Model is the Best

Rolex Watches for Women – Which Model is the Best

Of Rolex’s wide array of watches, collections, models, styles, colors, materials, and combinations to choose from, only a small percentage of this wide selection are technically “ladies’ watches”. Even so, there are over 50 pages of various women’s watches to scroll through on Rolex’s website, and definitely no shortage of variety to select from for female fans of the brand. And because there really isn’t anything inherently different between men’s and ladies’ watches, the selection for the ladies opens up that much more when accounting for ‘nontraditional’ choices, i.e., men’s watches. Just as it is for the men, it all boils down to finding a watch that best fits a lady’s personal style and taste.

The Classic Ladies’ Watch

Traditionally, certain components are characteristic to Rolex ladies’ watches. Most notably, traditional ladies’ watches are smaller in size with cases ranging between 26mm and 31m – as smaller watches are considered more fitting for ladies’ generally smaller wrists. Women’s watches also tend to come available in more typically feminine colored dials and motifs – including pink, purple, mother of pearl, floral print, and glamorous materials like rose gold. Perhaps the most alluring feature distinguishing women’s Rolex watches is the addition of gem-set adornments on several models – like diamond-studded bezels, appliques, and bracelets. Naturally, these features are all arguably more feminine, lady-like, womanly or girly, if you will. Features that are considered more suitable for the classic woman. While the Lady-Datejust is the only watch specifically classified as a woman’s watch by its name, other Rolex collections that feature models geared towards women include the Day-Date, Oyster Perpetual, Pearlmaster, and even the Yacht-Master.

Rolex for Women: The Lady-Datejusts

Let’s start with the Lady-Datejust. It was first launched by Rolex in 1957 as a smaller, feminine, more refined version of the Datejust watch – obviously intended for ladies’ wrists. With its ultra-femme design, the Lady-Datejust was made to appeal to the classic woman of the time – a time when standards for gender norms, even in fashion and jewelry choices, were kept especially separate and distinct. The Lady-Datejust collection has since evolved to include a wide variety of different designs, sizes, dial colors, bezel and bracelet types, and materials that can all be adapted and custom-made for each woman’s particular taste. Women can choose between the petite case sizes of 26mm or 28mm, or the slightly bigger “midsize” 31mm case. Over the years, the trend for bigger watches continues to climb and, nowadays, the larger unisex sizes of 34mm or 36mm are more common and seen being worn on more women’s wrists.


Rolex for Women: The Day-Date

The Day-Date watch was launched in 1956 and is one of Rolex’s most iconic models to date. It is commonly referred to as the Rolex “Presidential” or “President” for being particularly popular amongst past U.S. presidents and other powerful and high-profile people. As well as for its iconic “President bracelet” option, made up of semi-circular 3-piece links that embody both comfort and elegance on any wrist. Originating as a man’s watch like most Rolex watches, the Day-Date has gradually and consistently found its way onto more women’s wrists over time. It is available in either the classic 36mm case or a bigger and bolder 40mm case. The 36mm is perfectly suitable for a woman’s generally smaller wrist, although nowadays some ladies may prefer to adorn their wrist with a bold and beautiful 40mm for even more eye-catching allure. Dubbed by Rolex as the “ultimate watch of prestige,” the Day-Date is made of only the finest materials – 18k yellow gold, white gold, Everose gold, or platinum – with the option of a smooth or gem-set bezel for some added glitz. Whichever signature style a woman chooses to customize her Day-Date, it is a truly sophisticated timepiece that will surely give her extra presence stepping into any room.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual for Women

In 1931, Rolex patented a self-winding “perpetual” watch movement – and thus, the Oyster Perpetual (OP) was created. This innovative watch and new movement introduced to the world of watchmaking a new era of convenience and functionality. Over 30 years later, in 1964, the first Ladies Oyster Perpetual was introduced and quickly became a fan favorite among the ladies. With its classic streamline look, it adds just the right amount of pizzaz to any wrist with its fundamental features and universal aesthetic that won’t ever go out of style. With sizes available between 28mm – 41mm and a vibrant range of dial color choices, perfectly offset by its mainstay smooth bracelet and timeless Oyster bracelet in stainless steel – there is a wide array of options for wearers to choose from to tailor to their own personal style. With the newest 2020 released OP collection came an exciting array of bright candy colored dials including coral red, green, yellow, bright blue, candy pink, turquoise, aka the Tiffany Blue Oyster Perpetual along with the standard silver, champagne, and black dials.

Cheapest Rolex for Women

This table presents a collection of Rolex models for women that our editorial team loves the most, listed from the cheapest according to prices from the official store. You can find an affordable Rolex watch for women that the price suits you here.

Model Price at Official Store
Rolex Oyster Perpetual – 124300 6,400
Rolex Lady-Datejust – 279171 12,800
Rolex Yacht-Master – 268621 14,350
Rolex Day Date – 128238 38,050

Rolex Pearlmaster for Women

One of Rolex’s less common and more exclusive watch collections is the Pearlmaster. This may be because it is only made of the finest of precious metals and gems – available in either 18kt white gold or Everose gold and always embellished with stunning diamonds. Diamond adornments on the Pearlmaster can range anywhere between sparsely set diamond bezels to a full top-to-bottom coverage of a diamond-set case, pavé dial, and a signature 5-link bracelet. Each diamond is set by Rolex-entrusted gem setters – by hand, one-by-one, with the utmost precision and TLC. Originally available in a delicate 29mm case that has since been discontinued, the current collection of Pearlmasters come in either a 34mm or 39mm case. This ultra-lavish women’s watch offers the look of luxury and sophistication on any wrist.

Rolex Yacht-Master for Women

Out of Rolex’s various sports watches, the nautical-inspired Yacht-Master collection is the only one that offer smaller models specifically made to appeal to women. Originally the ladies’ versions of the Yacht-Master came available in either a smaller 29mm case or a mid-size 35mm case. Nowadays, both of these sizes have been swapped out for the Yacht-Master 37, sized with 37mm size case. The discontinued 29mm and 35mm Yacht-Master models have since become that much more exclusive in the preowned market – available in either yellow gold or a two-tone combination of yellow gold and stainless steel. The Yacht-Master 37 is available in the ever-popular Everose gold or in two-tone Everose and stainless steel. Additionally, each of these models also come available in Rolesor – a stunning combo of a stainless-steel bracelet paired with a pure platinum bezel. With the signature robust look of the Yacht-Master fitted on more ‘feminine’ small-yet-bold case sizes, this watch will surely bring out the self-confident bosslady in any woman.


Rolex Watches for the Modern-Day Woman

Its 2021, and women today can do just about anything men can do – including wearing men’s watches. As mentioned, women’s Rolex watches have traditionally been made to be smaller in size, more glamorous in style, and more feminine in overall appeal. Fast forward to today and we are seeing more and more women wearing men’s Rolex watches. And not just wearing them, but wearing them well.

Some big-name celebrities who are helping to normalize women wearing men’s Rolex watches on a large scale include musical sensation Rihanna with her two-tone Datejust, actress Jennifer Aniston with her all-gold Day-Date, and singer/actress Jennifer Lopez with her white gold Day-Date and unique olive green dial. Even bolder choices include comedian and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres’ various Daytona watches, actress Charlize Theron’s rugged DeepSea Sea-Dweller, and rapper Queen Latifah’s two-tone Rolesor Submariner with a regal blue dial. Fashion icon formerly known as Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham also has an impressive collection of several Rolex men’s watches including a yellow gold Datejust with a bright green Stella dial, an all-gold Day-Date, and an Everose gold Daytona.

With all that said, and with the steady breaking of social barriers and gender norms across all fronts including luxury and fashion, Rolex watches traditionally tailored to a male clientele are becoming more unisex in appeal. Female fans of the brand now have a vaster variety of Rolex timepieces to select from and customize to their own personal style to floss boldly as statement pieces on their wrist. And along with that, finding the perfect signature Rolex to gift the special lady in your life has now become that much easier – as far as variety goes at least.

If you have any questions about selecting your Rolex for women, please don’t hesitate to call us at (626) 558-0710 to speak with our consultant. Alternatively, you can follow us on Instagram to stay updated on our new watch inventory.

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